Water Heater Installations in Springfield

If you’re looking for a contractor who can install your new water heater without hassle, look no further than Efficient Air Conditioning & Heating LLC. We’re the water heater contractors who know how to protect a client’s investment! Call us at (610) 522-1208 today.


Do You Want to Make Sure Your Water Heater Doesn’t Let You Down?

The water heater you just purchased from a consumer’s catalog or an online store might be incredible, but it still hasn’t been installed yet. Between the unboxing stage and the completion of the installation, there is one thing that must happen to ensure your water heater lives up to its full potential — that one thing is finding the right contractor to install it.

Your water heater is only going to be as reliable as the team who installs, maintains, and repairs it.

To make sure your heater realizes its full potential and keeps your water warm for years to come, contact us! We can’t wait to hear from you.

We’re the Local Plumbers You Can Count On

Since our company’s inception, we’ve gone from contractors with one or two first-time customers to a company with dozens of lifelong clients. What has set us apart? Our commitment to customer satisfaction for one. Our strong community ties might be another factor, too.

And that’s not all. From us, you can always expect:

  • Competitive Rates
  • Written Estimate for All Services
  • The Best Replacement Parts for the Best Prices
  • Thorough Consultations
  • …and more!


Our Water Heater and Plumbing Services Come with a Free Consultation

Just because we start working for you right away doesn’t mean we start charging you money immediately. With us, the first consultation is always free! Before we begin installing your water heater, we’ll learn everything we need to know about the heater, as well as your home’s plumbing system.

Trust Us to Handle Your Hot Water Heater Installation

When we’re overseeing the installation process, you have nothing to worry about. We’ll make sure you reap the many benefits of a new water heater, and that you never have to deal with the problems associated with older models.

What’s more, you won’t have to worry about us voiding your heater’s manufacturer’s warranties. As certified plumbers, our handiwork is certified.

Extended Warranties on All Tankless Water Heater Installs

Our services also come with warranties of their own. If a problem arises after we leave your home, all you’ll have to do is call us!

The 24/7 Emergency Plumber: When Your Hot Water Heater Needs Immediate Attention

Water heaters can malfunction at any hour. Thankfully, you can also call us at any hour, too. Feel free to contact us any time, day or night.

We Promise Fast Turnarounds on All Plumbing Services

As homeowners ourselves, we know how frustrating it can be to have contractors taking up space in your home. To reduce any inconveniences, we are committed to always working quickly. Rest assured, our work never takes longer than it has to.

Book a Visit from the Local Plumbers Today

Efficient Air Conditioning & Heating LLC is the leading water heater contractor in Springfield and the surrounding area. With years of experience in the industry, we’ve built a strong reputation based on our quality workmanship, our honest and affordable prices, and our commitment to customer satisfaction. We’re your one-stop shop for all your water heater-related needs.

Get your new water heater today. Call us at (610) 522-1208 to schedule a consultation.

An Extensive Selection of Water Heaters for Sale

In order to meet the diverse needs of our clients, we’ve greatly expanded our range of water heaters. We’re now proud to boast one of the most extensive selections available. All our water heaters are premium-quality units built to last, to heat water fast. What’s more, we continue to update our inventory as the industry evolves, adding new products to stay on the up-and-up with the latest technological advances. With us, you know you’re getting a state-of-the-art, high-quality water heater.

Check Out Our Energy-Efficient Water Heaters!

We offer a variety of energy-efficient water heaters that are designed to minimize your energy use and reduce your utility bills. Their smart features make them a great eco-friendly option—plus we have many kinds to fit different budgets!

Save money and upgrade today.

Tankless Water Heaters Available

Our tankless water heaters are a great choice for on-demand hot water: they eliminate the bulk of a boiler and the expense of keeping water heated in a boiler. To find out more about our options, be sure to contact us today!

Fast, Timely, and Affordable—Local Water Heater Installations Done Right

We take pride in our work. When you choose us to install your water heater, you can rest easy knowing we’ll do it right.

We arrive promptly to every service callout. Our team of expert technicians will arrive at your location on-time, and they’ll get your heater installed in a minimal amount of time. They’ll avoid disrupting your workflow while they work, and they’ll keep the workspace tidy. And once we’re all finished, you can count on us to clean up the area, so that all you have is your brand-new water boiler.

Our clients are always impressed by the great value of our services. Our prices are extremely competitive, and we’re sure you’ll see the great bargain in them once you try them for yourself.

The Best Customer Service Available

At Efficient Air Conditioning & Heating LLC, we’ve made a commitment to offering the best customer service possible. We are always available to answer your questions and to provide any post-project support. If you have any technical problems with your water heater, we will be happy to come to your location and see what we can do. We are courteous and punctual professionals who are at the ready to meet your precise needs. Consider us your friendly local water heater contractor team.

Get Your New Water Heater, Contact Today!

Countless customers have already benefitted from our superior workmanship, affordable prices, and exceptional customer service. We want you to be next.

Our services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you’re somehow not satisfied with the quality of our work, then we’ll do everything we can to fix the problem.

High-quality water heaters, backed by a satisfaction guarantee—why wait? To schedule a consultation, contact us today.